Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 5 #adventchallenge

                                    A lovely tale about giving to share this Christmas!!

This book was this evenings bedtime story, as my daughter had her pre-school jabs today and after a long day at her preschool, a lovely story was in order! This was another story from our shelf which I had bought back in my Nursery nurse days!!  Again, this book has beautiful illustrations which add to the warmth of this story.

Little Bear wants to give his Mum the best birthday gift of all. He spots a star and quickly tries to work out how he can reach it to give it to her.  With the help of his friends, a rabbit and frog, they try to problem solve together how to reach the star, when Little Bear realises just how he can give his Mother the birthday gift to remember forever.

This is a great book to share at Christmas time, as it underlines the joy of giving a gift rather than receiving and it is so beautifully written, with some funny parts for good measure ( My daughter was chuckling away to herself this evening when I read it!!)

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