Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 4 #adventchallenge

               Little Mouse finds a friend by Gaby Goldsack and Emma Leach
Day 4 and this challenge has really got my daughter excited! The first thing she wants to do every morning is find the next number book!! She recognised this one straight away from her shelf, as this is one of the first books we got her from Books For Bugs!!

It is a lovely winters tale.....Poor mouse is cold and hungry and the farm house nearby is so inviting! He has to be brave, however as there are a dog and cat in the way of his well deserved warmth. What starts as a brave conquest for food and heat becomes a lovely tale of finding a friend!

This is another heart warming story for curling up on a cold day and sharing with your little one in front of the fire!! I love how simply beautiful the illustrations are and my daughter just loved listening to the story!

Well worth a read!! You can find more great stories on

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