Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 21 #adventchallenge

                      The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman
Only a few days to go, and I am so pleased I carried out this challenge! My daughter is still loving unwrapping the books and sharing the story afterwards! She often wont wait until bedtime!! This book is another bargain from Books For Bugs ( and is a lovely wintry story.

This book made me well up at the beginning....poor white owl has no Mummy and no Daddy. That made me feel sad for him! But all is not lost, for white owl flies off to meet some colourful owls. They are not too friendly at first, but soon ask him to join them when he tells them his stories. My favourite line in this book comes where the colourful owls tell white owl he is too plain to join them:

" But I do have colours!" cried little white owl,
"Here, in my heart! And Bumping up and down in me are lots of happy stories!
I'll share them with you if you want me to?"

I have realised what a profound affect this book has had on me. I feel like little white owl. Plain looking on the outside, but full of wonderful children's stories I would like to share with everyone, bumping up and down inside me!! I will have to keep on writing until someone notices me!!

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