Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 20 #adventchallenge

                                           Humphrey's Corner by Sally Hunter
This is a character I fell in love with a long time ago. He is just so wonderfully sweet!! This book was an amazon buy when I first brought home my daughter. I felt it was a lovely book which was missing from our collection!

Humphrey is a little elephant who is looking for somewhere to play with his favourite toy, Mop. Together, they search through the house looking for the best place to play, and find out that that place is close to Mummy!

I love the wonderful illustrations in this book and the lovable character that is Humphrey. As a parent, this story makes me realise why my daughter insists on bringing her toys wherever I happen to be!! As a child, my daughter just loves the story and guessing which part of the house Humphrey is exploring throughout the book.

A must have for every children's book collection.

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