Monday, 2 December 2013

Day 2 #adventchallenge

                           Tell me a story (Before I go to bed) by Sam McBratney

We had an extremely eager daughter dashing to her advent book box this morning to find out which book she had in store for her today! This book was one on her shelf which had not been read in a while, a gift from her Great Aunt and Uncle. That is the great thing about this challenge....I did not need to buy 24 brand new books!!

This story is a written by the author who gave us "Guess how much I love you", where a little squirrel asks her Dad to read her a story before bedtime. He agrees, when they go up the "Wooden Hill", if only she knew what that was!!

This book is a great one to get children thinking. My daughter had many ideas, such as the main character did, as to what the "Wooden Hill" was but, she was not too impressed by the ending! I like the simplicity and thought provoking nature of this book. It shows the lovely bond between a daughter and her father,  much like the relationship my little one shares with her Daddy! I actually felt a bit sad for the father character, where he eats alone after a busy day working in the fields!

All in all a lovely book, and well worth having on your shelf (and reading too, of course!!)

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