Monday, 16 December 2013

Day 16 #adventchallenge

                                       A great story from the John Lewis advert

As soon as the Christmas adverts started, everyone was buzzing about the John Lewis one. As part of the adverts launch, there were plenty of merchandise on offer too, including the book of the story. It was something I felt I had to get for my daughter, and purchased it online.

Poor Bear has never seen Christmas. He has no idea what Christmas is like or how it feels. His best friend hare tries to explain it to him, but wishes his friend could experience it. Bear would love to, but he is tired when the snow begins to fall, and goes off to sleep. Hare however, has an idea which means his pal could get to see Christmas after all!!

I absoulutely love this story. It is heart warming and festive, sharing how Christmas should be, without going on and on about recieving gifts, it is all about how Christmas feels, smells and about giving someone special the opportunity to feel these wonderful things. A must buy...and a book which will hopefully stay in my daughters collection for years to come.

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