Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 14 #adventchallenge


                              Danny and the Great White Bear by Anne Cottringer

This is another of the stories which I have had on the shelf for a while. It is a story which I found very helpful for children who have parents in the forces who are away frequently. The snow also adds a very wintry edge to this book....perfect for this time of year!!

Danny is a boy who misses his Dad terribly when he works away. He loves looking at the photographs his Dad takes whilst he is away (of  animals), and whilst his Dad is away at the North Pole, a very special visitor arrives to befriend him. A Polar Bear!!

I love this story, it is beautifully illustrated and is such a heart warming tale, it does almost make you want to well up!! Has to be one of my favourites so far on the challenge!!

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