Friday, 13 December 2013

Day 13 #adventchallenge

                                                  Laura's Star by Klaus Baumgart
This story has captured many German audiences, as it was also made into a very popular film. The German author, Klaus Baumgart, is also a university professor and has written many stories in the Laura's Star series, this being the first (and by far my favourite!) This version has been translated to English by Judy Waite and has been on our shelf for a long time, as I fell in love with the story back when I was working with children!

Laura is a young girl who needs a friend. She gazes out of her window, she sees a star that falls out of the sky. Laura finds the star broken on the pavement, and brings it home to mend it. Laura and the star create a beautiful friendship, but Laura soon has to learn that having a friend sometimes means giving up your most precious treasures.  It is a beautiful story and one I love sharing with my daughter, and even more so at this time of year where everything is magical!!!

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