Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 10 #adventchallenge

                                                               Disney's Aladdin

Being a Disney fan, we have a few Disney story books around the house. My little one is entranced by Disney princesses and was thrilled to get this book today in her advent book box! This particular one was a charity shop find at just 50 pence, so still not breaking the bank with this challenge!!

As lovely as it is having a Disney book, the story (although shortened) is actually quite long. For a 3 year old, attentions can be lost very quickly, but my problem was the need for a drink half way through the book! We decided to read it in sections instead, meaning she had the second part of the story a while after the first!!

It is always the Disney illustrations which really capture the imagination, and my daughter loved retelling the story in her own way by looking at the pictures and "reading " it to me!!

A good book if you are willing to read through it!! I recommend two sittings though!!

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