Monday, 30 December 2013

Another Christmas aftermath, with lots of questions!

                   After a busy Christmas, we now have even more Pre-schooler questions!
Christmas this year was a hectic one in the Childcare Clair household. We spent lots of the build up getting excited for our daughters role as Mary in her Pre School nativity and doing lots and lots of arty activities! We also went to the local church for the candlelight carol service. We are not very religious people, but have felt that it is very important that our little girl understands why we celebrate Christmas (and I love a good Christmas carol sing song!)

The vicar had a very valid point too, which made my husband and I both think. You cannot see Love, but you can see what it can do. I think about that a lot now when I look at my daughter.

Now Christmas is over, I was hoping my daughter would stop with the constant questions about Father Christmas and how soon Christmas was coming. She has really been into it this year, getting into the magic of the whole process of Christmas. However, we now have the questions such as "Why has my calender gone?", "Is Father Christmas coming again tomorrow?" and "Can we take the decorations down now?" 

Christmas is a very confusing time for young children. There can be stressed adults around, they get to eat food they aren't usually allowed a huge supply of, they come face to face with Brussels sprouts (!) and then, in one day, it has finished! I can see the line of thinking.....if Christmas is over, why are the decorations still up? And just what is "New Year"? Our poor little girl must have so many thoughts going through her head!!

In this situation, it is best to expect some meltdowns and mood swings......and that is just you!! The best thing to do is try to explain things as best that you can. Let them know what will be going on over the next few days and when the decorations are going down. Allow them to ask the questions they want to know the answers to, and be as clear as you can with your responses. Try to ensure that any changes to their routines are explained to them where you can, and limit them if possible (we all like the odd late night at this time of year, but it will take it's toll!)

Above all, try to enjoy what is left of the festive season!!

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