Monday, 11 November 2013

Why are "fun" Mummies being laughed at??

 Children should enjoy spending fun times with their parents, so why do some other parents just laugh?

I have been talking to some parents who are absolutely stunned that some Mums are making fun of Mums who create exciting parties and activities for their children. It seems that it had become playground gossip to begin making fun of parents who enjoy making things and having fun with their children.

One particular story I have heard is about a woman who decided to have a special animal party for her daughters birthday. It was what her child had asked for, so in my mind that is the best reason to have a special party. Then the backlash began, parents complaining that their child didn't want to dress up in the theme and what a silly idea the whole thing was!
These parents must have a huge laugh when they see my website! I mean, homemade playdough and Christmas parties with flour play??? Surely I have gone mad!!

I think it is very harsh that people do this to other parents who work hard to ensure their children have childhoods to remember. Is it any wonder we get bullies in our schools when the parents are doing this in the playground as parents of children as young as preschool age? I know this may come across as very opinionated, but I really do feel that parents are always so quick to judge people for their parenting styles.

What do you think????

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