Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Upcycling fun!

When my little one was about 18 months or so, we introduced her very own little table and chairs (see http://www.childcareclair.com/2012/01/our-little-update.html ) We bought it from Ikea, and were really happy with the way it helped our daughter begin to sit for her meals.

Hundreds of meals and various activities later, the table began to look quite shabby and where some food had become caked on to the table, we had taken it off along with some of the chipboard covering the chairs and table. It was looking like it needed some TLC. Of course, the obvious and more expensive idea would have been to replace it, but I didn't want to do that, as although she is sitting up at our table more now for her meals, she still loves to sit and play at the small table and share a meal with her friends and cousins at the small table!

I had seen somewhere that somebody had decided to upcycle their Ikea children's table (there are some lovely ones out there, even a Lego table created from one!!) But one which struck me had used floor tiles to cover the table and chairs. I started looking and found some lovely green butterfly ones which were self adhesive and cost just under £10 to order. My lovely husband got to measuring and cutting the tiles to fit and we feel that we have made a great new look to the table! Our daughter loves it and is very keen to help me clean it too!!

Simple, easy and lots of fun! We had some spare tiles too, so watch this space to see what I make with those!!!

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