Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Making the most of the cold

                                  The best thing to do in the cold? Get moving!!

Our last two trips in the morning towards Pre school have been full of laughter! It has been lovely that the leaves which have fallen off of the trees recently have not been made slippery by any rain. This means that we are able to spend time kicking through the leaves and listening to the sounds they made underneath our feet. My little one was full of new words to describe what she was hearing "Scrunch, swish!" She has been saying!!

Not only is it good for expanding language, it is great for keeping warm in the cold snap! We saw how high we could kick the leaves, using our muscles and gross motor skills! The thing which made the most fun though was trying to catch the leaves as they fell off of the trees! It was not only something which caused great hilarity, but it allowed her to use her hand eye co-ordination in order to catch the falling leaves. Another great way to keep warm too, as she jumped up and down!

This morning there was a little wind blowing down the road, making the leaves move. My daughter laughed, commenting on how they were walking with us to Pre school! They were dancing down the road! It was something which really captured her imagination and allowed her to get in touch with nature in a simple and fun way.

It just goes to show, you can make the simplest of walks not only entertaining, but educational and also good for your physical wellbeing!

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