Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Get Investigating!!

          There is nothing like the art of investigation to boost child development!!

I have noticed recently, my daughters language had developed somewhat. Her favourite words recently have been "Let's Investigate!", "I have an Idea!" and "I have a plan!" She has really started to think about the world around her in more depth and to discover ways to explore different possibilities and resolutions to problems.

Here is an example of what I mean: Today we were walking to her Pre school when she started looking at the numbers on the lamp posts. This is something we have done for a long time, as it helped her to start her number recognition and counting skills. Once we had finished the usual 4 lampposts with their numbers, I suggested perhaps we started looking at other posts as we walked past them. She spotted one which was across the road. "Well, I am not sure if we will see that number as the lamppost is across the road" I told her.
She had a little think about it and came back with " I have a plan, Mummy! If we ask a builder to move the tree in front of us, we will be able to see it and find out which number is on it!"

This idea had not just come out of thin air either! She had recognised that this would be a good plan as recently, a bug tree had been felled at the front of our house, meaning she has seen some different things from out of her bedroom window and our front window, which had been hidden from view beforehand! It just goes to show just how much children do notice of around them, and how much they then put it into their own problem solving when exploring the world around them.

Investigation is a huge part of problem solving. There are so many questions out there to be answered and so many different ways to do so too! Yes, there are books and the Internet for some answers, but I believe great way to answer many of life's questions is to go out and discover it for yourself! This is why my husband and I spent some of our recent weekend away (just the two of us!) at the Science Museum in London, exploring the hands on approach to learning with the many experiments there were on offer.

You see, this is another thing which us parents and practitioners should learn too......if we want our children to explore and learn new things, we should investigate too!! We should be out there listening to the questions children ask and rather than just giving them an answer, get out there and find out with them just what the answers are!

So go on..........INVESTIGATE!!!!!

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