Friday, 11 October 2013

Making your own stories

                 Sometimes creating your own stories can unleash your imagination!

Being a children's author, I understand the fun and imagination that can spring from writing down my stories! I always have enjoyed making up stories, from the earliest memories I have at school! I remember being asked to look at a painting and create a story from the picture. That was one of my favourite lessons I had in English! I remember the story's main character too, as I called her Emily!

When my friend sent some stickers through for my daughter to play with, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make her own story from the picture she created. Being only 3, I obviously wrote it down for her. Yes, it is only short, but it was her first ever short story! She is so proud of it, it has pride of place in our kitchen on the boiler cupboard! Everyone that visits has to read it (she asks them if they like her story!) The poor boiler man had a bit of a shock when he was asked to read her story out to her the other week!!

Again, it is another simple and fun why to help with your child's language and literacy skills. As they get older, they can write their own stories by themselves. Any child can be a budding author!! Why not get their creative juices flowing and google for some works of art for the children to write about. Ones with people in are the best ones to create stories with!!

Give it a go!!

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