Monday, 14 October 2013

Make your very own pipecleaner dragonfly!!

                                Try out this fantastic idea we saw at a local event!

We went along to our local country park this weekend, to attend the Pumpkin festival. There were some lovely ideas for crafty activities which I couldn't help but try out with our daughter! This one was brilliant and so simple to do!!

You will need :
2 pipe cleaners (of different colours)
2 different coloured beads
Some wings (you can make these out of pretty much anything. They used laminated glitter!)

Take the beads and thread one on each pipe cleaner until you reach the middle. Then, bend the pipe cleaner so the bead is at the top. Join the two pipe cleaners together by twisting them , adding the wings about a third of the way down. Then, once the wings are firmly placed in between, continue to twist the cleaners together to create the body!

Simple. Easy.........and our daughter is getting hours of fun from hers!!

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