Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Creating a book tree.........or flower!

       This wonderful idea can be used at home too, and is a great way to get your child reading!

When I was reading at a local school the other week, I noticed they had created "Story trees" on their display boards. Each child had written their favourite book on a leaf and why they liked it. I loved this idea and immediately thought about how I could adapt it to fit in my home!

I started looking for fallen branches big enough to put in a decorated pot where we could hang the leaves on each branch, quite similar to the celebration tree my daughter sees at her preschool. But I couldn't find anything that would quite do the job, so instead I had a look at what I already had at home.

Then it dawned on me......I already had the flower we have painted on the wall in my daughters play room! We could add leaves to that! And so, now every day, we add a leaf to the flower when we have shared a book or magazine together. I write the name of the book, the author and ask m y daughter to tell me her favourite bit about the story. We then discuss what each one says when we place another one on there! It is now becoming an exciting part of the day, as she finds a book and once we have read it she asks me to put it up on the tree!!

Sometimes, simple little ideas like this can really inspire children to read more, and if this is the case, then it is worth doing it!!!

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