Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Realising the true meaning of being a children's author

                             Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about the money!
Today, I carried out my first reading in a school environment. I was lucky enough to be invited to an After School club who wanted to hear my book, Mrs Handbag And The Magic Seed. It was my largest audience so far and in a lovely big hall.......I was a little nervous as older children do ask lots of questions!!

The moment I walked in, the children were eager to hear the story. They were buzzing with interest as to what it was all about and immediately got chatting to me. It was wonderful to be back in a childcare surrounding again, and made me feel like I was really someone special! Reading the book sparked some great interest in the story and also how I wrote my story. Did I write it on computer? Have a got another book? Is Mrs Handbag in more stories? And the best one......" We know why you want to get money for your book........You want to be rich, don't you?!!"

The truth is, being a children's author is actually a lot like being a singer (which was another of my dreams!!) You have to do many, many gigs and create many new songs to get anywhere, and sometimes you never get there at all!! I have done 6 readings now and yet I still am yet to "Make it big" The thing that I have found is that the whole enjoyment of the reading side of the book is the thing which makes me feel the richest. Hearing the children talking about the story, asking me about the story and just talking to me about themselves (I even had girls doing my hair this afternoon!!) makes the hard work and money I have spent to get the books published so worthwhile.

The main thing I wish children to learn from the story is that everyone has magic inside them.......they just need to nurture it and help it to grow and they can end up anywhere.

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