Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lunch box dilemmas

              Now my daughter is having lunch at Preschool, the question of lunchboxes arises
I have always fed my daughter as healthily as possible at home, and I wanted that to continue at her Preschool. The thing is, I was not sure on how much I should be putting in her lunchbox and what the rules were, as so many settings have strict guidelines of what you can and cannot bring in.

The first thing I checked was an old newsletter, which asked for no nuts in the lunches and to tell a member of staff if there is egg in your child's lunch due to allergies. I also spoke to a member of staff as I was still ensure as to what I was putting in being OK. I was told just no sweets, which is not something I would put in her lunch anyway, where I am trying to maintain a healthy diet for her.

So, what do I do? Well, my daughter doesn't like carrot sticks/ salad bits so I cannot really add them. However, I make sure she has fruit of some kind (Fruit salad is going down well, just 2 or 3 types of fruit chopped up in a pot) and a bag of the Kiddilicious fruit crisps. She also has a sandwich and either a healthy children's bar or some bread sticks and dip. She also has a yogurt in there to finish off the lunch and a drink of water. On a Thursday, she has "special lunch" day where she is in all day rather than collected after lunch. She then has a juice, some crisps (baked stars are a favourite!) and 3 small cookies as her treat with her sandwich, yogurt and fruit.

There are some great ideas for lunches out there. Bento boxes are a big hit at the moment for creative Mummies with a little time on their hands, but there are also lots of great recipes for lunch box fillers which are healthy too. Check out these ideas :

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