Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Is it ok to miss your child's birthday??

                                And so, Katie Hopkins causes controversy yet again!!

Yet again, Katie Hopkins has astonished viewers of This Morning today, this time on the subject of missing your child's birthday. In Katies opinion, it is totally acceptable to reschedule a birthday to celebrate it on another day in order to fit into work schedules and commitments. This often means having a birthday celebration one day every TWO YEARS!!!

I am very aware that many people have to work on their children's birthdays. Children themselves have to go to Preschool/ School etc on their birthdays too, but I would not let the day go by without acknowelding their special day, personally. A birthday is a sacred day and only happens once a year. It is a time to celebrate the fact your child entered the world and let them know how wonderful this was for all involved! My husband made sure well in advance that he had the day off so that we could take our daughter out for the day, and we asked her what she wanted to do (this year it was to have a picnic and ride a train!) She then had a family celebration to involve everyone the weekend following her birthday.

Even our birthdays are not forgotten by work commitments. We always ensure we wake up early to have presents on our bed and have a nice breakfast together, to acknoweldge that it is a special day. It would appear to many that Katie Hopkins has very different views on bringing up her children and does not see that a child's birthday is a special day, as birth was just a "natural process". Unfortunately, many woman such as myself cannot be so emotionally displaced from the day they experineced bringing their child into the world.

Yes, young children may not remember whether they celebrated on the day or not, but I still think that it is not just any other day of the year and it should be recognised.......even if the child is taken somewhere nice for dinner after school for example.

You can watch the video here and see for yourself what you think : http://www.itv.com/thismorning/hot-topics/is-it-ever-ok-to-miss-your-childs-birthday-debate

Oh and for your information, Ms Hopkins, just because I am a stay at home Mum "clicking on my keyboard" it doesnt make me boring.........there is nothing wrong with NetMums!!

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