Monday, 16 September 2013

Exploring culture and religion

                            We were invited to an Indian wedding and our daughter loved it!!

When my husband told me we had an invite to his friends wedding, I was intrigued when he told me it was an Indian one! It is something which I have never experienced myself, and I was eager to give our daughter the chance to experience it herself.

It was a weekend of weddings as we had been to a civil ceremony for my cousin and her new husband, so our little one had two very different weddings to compare. She was even asking where the sausage rolls were at the Indian buffet!! The colours of the Indian wedding made her very excited and we taught her that the ladies dresses were called Saris. She loved the sparkle on the saris and also the man playing the drum to make everyone dance!! The celebration we were invited to was the last day of a 3 day event which makes up an Indian wedding.
It was a loud and colourful experience for her and I think an important one to teach her that there are different ways in which people can get married. She loves the whole idea of being a bride, as many young girls do. She thinks brides are special princesses and even more so now she has seen an Indian bride being carried in to her wedding!! The best moment for her was being handed a rose from the bride, which she proudly showed off at her Pre school this morning with lots of other memorabilia from both weddings she had attended.
I for one hope that she will get many opportunities to experience weddings from more cultures. It is a great way to find out mire about the world and how getting married is such a special event for everyone who is involved.

Have you experienced a wedding which was from a culture different from your own with your child?

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