Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dressing up........great fun!!

                    The greatest thing about dressing up is to be someone else for a while!

My daughter, as many children of her age, loves dressing up! From exploring different textures as a baby, she is now exploring them by trying on different outfits to extend her imagination!!
There are many different outfits to try out there, from tailor made children's dressing up clothes to using the clothes of their parents!!

Dressing up for many children is an escape from being small. When they put on that Superhero cape, in their mind they ARE the superhero and they can do anything!! A lot of dressing up hails from the people they meet in their lives. From pretending to be Mummy by wearing her heels to putting on a white coat and pretending to be a doctor, a lot of the people they look up to figure in their play.

Dressing up not only helps them to be someone else for a while, it also gets them to consider improvising. If there is not the part of the costume that they need, they will find something else to substitue for it (eg: boys will find anything to be a gun) It also encourages communication skills, with the child acting out their roles using a narrative to do so!!

 Dressing up is great fun, and it also great now and again that the parents join in makes their role play even more satifying!! I have often had to try and fit my daughters hat on my head to be her whilst she puts on my shoes or slippers to pretend to be me!! So, get encoruaing your child to escape and dress up!! It is great funa nd they learn so much from it!!

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