Monday, 26 August 2013

Pizza Hands!

                                        Try out these great Crumpet Pizza Hands!!
I have been sharing activities with my friend again! This time, I had to create some activity ideas, and I thought a "Our Body" theme would be great to try out. For the cooking activity, I thought these would be great! I have been in nurseries which serve crumpet pizzas at teatime, and I used to love the children's faces as they tried them out!

The great thing about these pizzas is that they are nice and simple for children to help to make. My daughter chose the ingredients she wanted on them and then helped to find something Finger shaped to finish off the hand!! Of course, there are healthier alternatives for fingers then cheese puff crisps!!

You will need:
Tomato puree
Grated cheese
Sausages............ or any other toppings you fancy!!

Plus, a finger shaped food for the fingers!
1. Grill the flat side of the crumpet until brown

2. Add the tomato puree and top with the other toppings

3. Place back under the grill until golden and bubbling

4. Place on a plate and add the fingers!

Give them a try!!

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