Thursday, 22 August 2013

Milestones Museum, Basingstoke review

                                               A fantastic place to learn as you play!!
We took a lovely trip out today to The Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. I had seen online that they were running a teddy bears theme up until September 1st, so thought it would be a great idea to go and have a look, especially as there are so many other great exhibits to offer there too!

Milestones offers a great view of the past with a local flavour. We were interested in the old Portsmouth trams as well as the Fareham vehicles and shops! There was so much to do! Our little one was fascinated with the old penny machines, making the puppets dance and sing (especially the Sooty one!) I even managed to win some nail varnish from an old penny game! It was great fun and a lot of the slots were at a child's height or with a stool so the children could put the old pennies in and have fun by themselves!

The extra activities put on for their bear theme were the main pull for our daughter! She loved the story time with all the differently dressed bears on the picnic blanket! She of course fell in love with the Princess ones and had a great time choosing which shoes for her to wear with the story teller! After 3 lovely bear stories, we made bear masks and watched the children trying on bear costumes as well as dressing up in Victorian style clothes! Unfortunately, our little one was not interested in dressing up herself!

With face paining on offer and the chance for your bear to fly up in a hot air balloon, there was so much love for bears going on today! We also collected our ration of sweets from the lovely ladies at the 1940's  sweet shop! They explained how there was no chocolate because in those days there was a war on and that meant there were only certain types of sweets available too. After deciding on jelly babies and thanking the ladies for their lovely sweets, we had to check out the great Post office play area for the under 5's!

Our daughter loved it! She dressed up in her post woman's outfit, collected the mail, drove the post van to deliver the mail, posted it through the letter boxes and worked in the Post Office!! She loved it!!

This museum is fantastic for the family! Younger children get to explore the bricks, dressing up, role play etc (and under fives are free!) and the older children can learn about the past with old toys, house scenes and old shops are on offer to explore and learn about! The train station is also worth a look.......we bought our tickets from Paddington Bear today as we played!!

Milestones is well worth a look if you are ever in the Basingstoke area!

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