Thursday, 8 August 2013

Let us get reading and writing with our children!

            Get involved in the Summer Reading Challenge and encourage your tweens to write!

Literacy is a subject close to my heart. Being a newly self published children's author, I of course advocate getting children to enjoy and share books and stories. I introduced books to my daughter before she was even born by reading to my baby bump and from the moment I started putting her down to sleep at night time, I have read her a story!

There are some great initiatives at the moment to encourage children to read books, such as the Summer Reading Challenge which is a national event happening at all libraries across the country. All you need to do is read 6 books with your child over the summer holidays, and each time you bring a book back, they receive a sticker to go on a fantastic spooky house chart. This is then filled up so once you have completed the challenge, your child gets a certificate and medal. It is aimed at children 4 plus, but I took my 3 year old along today and they happily signed her up for it!! You can also do extra bits and pieces online with children over 4 here
It is a great way to not only get children reading, but making sure that they understand what they have read/heard as the assistant giving the stickers out asks your child what they thought of the book and what happened in the story. It is also great for encouraging children to use their local libraries. My daughter was so excited to go today and borrow a book. We have chosen two, which we have read together and she has looked at alone. She is keen to go give them back to get her sticker, but I have told her we need to wait and get to know the books a bit better first!!

Of course, onwards from reading is writing. I myself used to love imaginative writing as a child, and loved to write short stories and poems. There is a young girl who loves doing that too and has started a blog to encourage tweens to join in and write and help others to write structured stories. is a great blog and she also runs competitions to encourage her fellow tweens to get writing! A great way to get your children involved in writing this summer when the whole "I'm bored" sounds begin to wail from their mouths!!

So, get reading and writing this summer!!!

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