Monday, 5 August 2013

Cupcake Case Craft!!

We have been exploring Cupcake Crafts yet finding our own fun!!

We knew today was going to be a day of showers, which out our original plans into quandary, so I went out at the weekend and bought this little kit from The Works.  The kit is aimed at ages 3+ and contains some patterned cup cake cases, a cut out girl, butterfly and flower stem and some double sided sticky tape alongside some instructions. I found that the instructions were not all that clear with the folding instructions, and that where my daughter is just 3, the folding was too confusing for her, and therefore down to me!

We got the kit out this morning and my daughter chose the girl and dress to decorate. She loved choosing the patterned cases she wanted to use. The double sided sticky tape was too tricky for a little one to organise too, so Mummy stepped in once more on this one! Once she had made it, she was not interested in making any more, asking to do one another day. She put her pretty girl up on the side and played with it a little later!

This is when my creativeness took over. Yes, the pack was only 99p so you cannot expect the most elaborate set, but I knew I had some cupcake cases in the cupboard which my daughter could explore! So, out came the craft paper, glue and glitter glue with the coloured cases I had prepared! Soon, she was creating her own "Patterns" with the cases, sticking them on and putting them inside on another.

 Once she realised she had glitter glue too, she started to make faces in the cases too!!!

Cupcake cases make great faces, flowers and dresses, but there are many more fab ideas to be done with them, check out these ideas:

Give it a go, and why not share your creative cupcake crafts with me on my Facebook page, twitter or via email at!!

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