Thursday, 29 August 2013

Body Recognition Fun!!

                 We have been busy exploring our bodies and our self recognition!

Toddlers do not quite understand how to do self portraits as to yet, and with my daughter, she understands her hair colour etc, but I thought it would be fun to create more self awareness by doing this great activity!

I first drew around my little one (which can be a feat in itself!) I drew with pencil first and then went over in marker pen so the body image stood out more. I then got her to look carefully and think about what colours she would need to colour it all in. She selected the colours she needed and we began to discuss the different parts of the body as we created her very own version of herself!!

What impressed me most about working on such a large scale, is that she drew a very clear face. I notice with normal A4 paper, she tends to rush her pictures and here she has really carefully created her face with eyes, mouth and nose clearly marked.

Working on a larger scale can help children develop their mark making skills by using their large motor skills to move their arms in bigger spaces. Left handed children, such as my little one, actually prefer to have the space to move their arms and hands more freely when drawing as it is often more comfortable.

I sent this idea to my friend too, who took a brilliant interpretation of the activity by exploring the different parts of the body. She used a book she had on the subject to help raise her daughters body awareness as part of the activity too! There are so many ways you can use the idea!! One other idea for those of you with children starting school next week, is to draw around your child and then get them to draw on their uniform! You can then display the final product on a door or if you have it, a nice big wall space! My daughter is so proud of hers which is displayed in our playroom for all to see!

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