Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Block play - a great simple way to help your child's development!

               Playing with blocks is one of the best ways to help aid Child Development

I was watching the morning news the other day, and a really interesting piece came on about the use of Block play and young children. (It was actually quite funny as I understood all the jargon the woman was using and the news presenters had to ask her to explain it more clearly lol) Blocks are amazingly simple yet create a whole complexity of developmental opportunities!

Just giving a child a few blocks can result in the most wonderful of creations. I know with our daughter, the blocks tend to become castles and places for her little people characters to live in, and I have witnessed some fantastic creations with blocks during my time as a Nursery Nurse.  Research being carried out in the North of England is expected to underline that this form of play is actually "Crucial" to a child's early development.
Some research which already has been carried out in schools with such building blocks has found that the children who have had the access to these building blocks have actually fared better within their Mathematical Development and Creative Development than those in schools without the play materials. It is hard to believe that these toys were first developed around a hundred years ago, sold on mass to teach children concentration and communication skills. It just goes to show that sometimes the oldest ideas are indeed the best!!

With building blocks, children get the opportunity to design, create and change their ideas all the time they are creating their latest model. I have always liked the fact you can build blocks as high as you can until they fall down, a great way to explore counting and measuring skills! Not to mention the language skills which come out of what they discuss with one another (or alone out loud too!) as they build.

You can watch the BBC report on this here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23791478

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