Monday, 19 August 2013

A Big Bed for a little girl!

                           Time to say Goodbye to my baby and Hello to my little girl!!

Yesterday was a huge turning point in or daughters development. She now has a single bed to sleep in and has said farewell to her cot bed. She had her cot bed from 3 months until now, as it was a cot which turned into a bed! Now she looks so tiny in her huge single bed, but with so many things costing the earth these days, we decided to go against buying a toddler bed for the sake of a year or two!

Many people do decide to move on to a toddler bed before a single bed, but where children grow out of toddler beds so quickly, for us it seemed a more profitable situation. She loves her new bed! It was probably more daunting for me, as I was fretting she may fall out or not settle at all! We had prepared her for a few days before hand so she was aware of what was happening, and she took part in the selection of the bedding so she felt part of it. It is HER bed after all!

The other big step was that we also got rid of her blankets. She only ever had them for bedtime as a comforter to replace the dummy which we got rid of when she was a young baby. She knew it was  going to happen as part of the Big Bed process, but was a little wary about it. This is where "The blanket fairy" came in!! The blanket fairy takes used blankets and gives them to babies who need something to keep them warm at night. Our daughter helped to write a letter to the blanket fairy, drawing her own little picture and dictating what she wished to say. The letter was placed next to the bag of blankets which then disappeared overnight and was replaced with some beads for her good behaviour jar and a letter from the Blanket Fairy in reply!

The excitement this morning as she saw the beads and the letter was fantastic! She was so happy that she had helped some babies and the Blanket Fairy had seen her new bed! It was a huge step for us all.....the blankets were her last piece of baby that was left and now Mummy has to live with the fact she isn't a baby anymore, but a young girl desperate to be big!

We are not alone in deciding that the change from cot bed to single straight away is the best option. According to Dreams the bed specialist, 24 per cent of parents do just that, with many finding the whole process "Impossible" and "Time consuming". With our daughter, the transition was a little easier as she had asked us for a "Big bed" rather than us approaching her with the idea. Here are some top tips for changing your child's bed :

1. Make sure they are part of it. Talk about it together and decide what sort of bed they would like and how they wish to dress it!

2. Be prepared for it to be a little stressful and for some difficult nights. It takes time to get used to a new bed, so plenty of praise and understanding can be helpful.

3. One tip from a parent I spoke to is to place the new bed alongside their bed for a few days to allow them to get used to it being in the room (this would only work if you have the room of course!)

4. Make sure the bed is seen as a fun place to be too. I made a big effort to get into my daughters big bed with her this morning to read a story together! We discussed how before Mummy couldn't fit in the bed to read a story and now it is something we can share together!

5. Keep your bedtime routine the same. There already changes in the guise of their bed, so make sure everything else is familiar to them.

6.Be positive. Talk about all the good points about having a new big bed, and keep the negative feelings you may have for when they are asleep!!

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