Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day two : Nature #31daysinjuly

                                     Getting out exploring nature is so much fun!!
Many memories can be made with nature. One of my personal earliest memories is picking giant daisies near my Nans house in a field full of them. Being small at the time, they felt like giant flowers and when I saw some near our house today, I had to tell my daughter about them!!

Flowers do hold a fascination with many children, mine included. They are great because they often have a scent and can be made up of fantastic textures too! Wild flowers are the best because quite often they can be gathered up and brought home. It is important, however, to check that the flowers you pick are not protected, as some flowers are not supposed to be picked (such as cultivated plants in parks, plants such as lady's slipper orchid and adder's tongue, to threadmoss and sandwort which are protected plants etc) Of course, most flowers which we would associate with being weeds are fine, and we didn't uproot the plant, so we should be fine!!

There are so many things which you can do with flowers you have collected too! Here are a few ideas :

1. Use collected leaves, grass and petals to create a collage

2. Press flowers in a flower press or think book to keep as a memento.

3. Make your own "perfume" a great activity to get children exploring different scents and get scientific with mixing their own perfumes in little plastic bottles!!

4. Still life flower drawings - collect the flowers and then draw them. Great for colour matching skills!!

5. Collect the leaves and petals to create their own pot pourri. They could even make and decorate a container for it to sit in!!

And of course, the fun of making a daisy chain!! Such great experiences!!

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  1. My daughter always had a fascination for rose leaves and found it great fun to make homemade rose perfume. My son on the otherhand used to bring me a handful of orange dandelions. I didn't have the heart to tell him they were weeds :-)

  2. They are simply wonderful things, flowers arent they Julia?! Whether they are weeds or not they are great learning tools!