Monday, 1 July 2013

Day one : Music #31daysinjuly

Getting into music with children does not have to be a chore!!
Music is noisy.........It is half of the pleasure of it!! With the start of this months great challenge 31 days in July (see and the topic being music, I was out today looking for musical influences and ideas with my daughter. We were in a pre school setting today and one of the staff put some great dancing music on, covering a range of musical styles from country to rock.
So, I jumped right in there and started to dance!! I  then began to explore different sounds by asking the children to find things which could make a good instrument. The musical instrument box was out, but I encouraged them to think differently by picking up some metal spoons from one of the equipment boxes and starting to play them on my knee! Soon, the children were giving it a go, and trying wooden spoons too to see if they made the same noise. The musical ideas were then extended to the home corner, where the children started to play the saucepans (a traditional favourite with babies and toddlers alike!!) The sound was loud, but the children were finding it so satisfying!!!

There are so many everyday objects which make great instruments. Children  often do find exploring the sounds of everyday objects more exciting then that of a musical instrument! Here is a list of some great ideas for musical sounds :

1. Bottles : filled with water for blowing across or filled with different objects such as pebbles, rice or pasta for shaking. These are great versatile instruments!!!

2. Pens and pencils : Tapping them on different surfaces to create a beat.....simple and effective!

3. Sandpaper rubbed together : creating a lovely scraping sound and great for exploring texture too!

4. Sticks : Fantastic for rubbing together, tapping together or running along metal railings (We have all done that at some point in our childhood!! Great sound!!)

5. Our Bodies : Can clap, stamp, click, whistle......the cheapest form of orchestra!

6. Kitchen utensils : Saucepans, colanders, spoons,whisks....all are great instruments!!

7. Brushes : Brushed across different surfaces, brushes can make great sounds. Children can explore which surface makes the best sound when the brush moves across it.....older ones can even get playing the broom!!!

8. Chairs : Yes, chairs!! Using rubber bands or elastic tied the the chair legs and across to other chair legs, you can create a great strumming sound and explore different pitches!

9. Balloons : Blown up and let go.....what a fantastic squealing sound!!

10. Bubble wrap : One of my favourites as a child (ok and now too!) The satisfying pop made by squeezing the bubbles is pure wonder for all involved!!

There are so many great sounds which can be made from everyday items! Get out there and explore and get involved with the #31daysinjuly challenge too!! Today's picture was taken by my daughter, who when asked what made music, went straight to her favourite drum in her instrument box!!

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