Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 8 In your bag #31daysinjuly

                           How bags can fuel children's curiosity and help their development

I have a typical little girl..........she loves her bags!! She loves to fill them up with her toys and pretend to go shopping. She even fills up a bag to take with her when we go out to the shops! She has 2 handbags she plays with most often and then a range of paper bags and coloured bags she uses in her play. For obvious safety reasons, she does not play with plastic bags or bags with very long handles which she may place around her head. (Bag play is always supervised too)

Bags offer children a chance to explore many new experiences. They are a way to transport items from one place to another, keep something safe and for hiding things too! You can explore shape with different bags, sizes, materials and fastenings too. All offering different learning angles! I always find that bags offer an element of surprise and wonder "OOOHHH!! What's in the bag??" Something which definitely gets the children excited and eager to learn just what is inside!!

Here are some ideas for bag play :

1. Create a colour bag. For example, have a green bag and ask children to fill it with lots of green items!

2. Play a shopping list game : Create a shopping list with pictures of items around the house/setting and ask the children to find them and put them in a bag ( a huge shopping bag works best for this!)

3. Create a bag full of toys which all have something in common, which the children then have to guess. For example; a bag with round things in

4. Create a story sack in a bag to accompany a favourite book (see here for more on these)

5. Create little activity bags for the children to explore. You can find lots of these ideas on the web here:

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