Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 4 : Self Portrait #31daysinjuly

                       Sometimes seeing how a child sees themselves can be very intriguing!
Drawing a self portrait is not something a nearly 3 year old necessarily wants to be doing. My daughter was not interested in finding the colours of her hair and eyes, more getting hold of the best felt tip pen and making sure she had plenty of hair on her picture!! What was most wonderful is listening to her describe her self portrait :

"This is me. I have lots of hair. I am happy a little bit and sad a little bit, and a little bit cross 'coz I hurt my knee"

It is fantastic to encourage your child to discuss how they are feeling and sometimes drawing these feelings down is a great way of getting them across to others. It is important that children feel about themselves in a positive light and that their feelings are as important as an adults. This cannot always be easy if your child does not like talking about their feelings, but I feel that instilling this from an early age will help in the long run.

We often talk about how actions make us feel. I had a particularly bad day with my daughter yesterday, who I swear had been replaced with some sort of devil child, and we have had a talk about how we both felt about the situation. I was sad and cross because she had not listened to me and had been rude, whereas she said she felt sad because Mummy was cross today. It all helps, no matter how young she may be right now. A self portrait can tell you so much about a child's perception of themselves and is great to look back on. If your child does one, date it and ask them to comment on what they have drawn.

Some interesting pieces about children's views of themselves and what you can do can be read here :

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