Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 29 and 30 : From up high and Moon

                                           Everything looks different from up above

Being up high can bring a whole range of emotions for a child........excitement, fear, wonder and intrigue. The world looks so different from up there and can lead to so much imagination. And for a child, you cannot get any higher than the moon.
Due to the weather being dull this week, I haven't got a picture of the moon (I failed that one I'm afraid!) but I have been really interested in my daughter's imaginary play with her dinosaurs going to the moon in a rocket!!

There are so many moon related games and activities you can do :

1. Make a spaceship out of a huge cardboard box. It can be painted and played with for hours!!

2. Read some moon related stories, such as : Whatever Next by Jill Murphy
                                                                        Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
                                                                        If you decide to go to the moon by Faith Mcnulty
                                                                        Little Bears special wish by Gillian Lobel

3.  Make a papier mache moon using an upturned bowl. You will need to make two and glue each piece together to create the moon shape. It can be painted silver to look even more fab!

4.  Make moon boots : Using large sponges, cut out a section so that the sponge fits around a child's foot or shoe. Slip the sponges on their feet and they have moon boots!

5. Make your own moon dust!Mix equal parts of clean dry sand and any colour dry tempera paint. Add some gold or silver glitter for a sparkly affect. Store in airtight container. Baby food jars make great shakers - just put a few holes in the lid and make sure to screw it on tight!  (

Have some moon fun!!!!

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