Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 27 and 28 Hands and What makes you smile #31daysinjuly

          What makes us smile is connected to a great activity we do with our hands!!

As many people who follow this website often will know, I love experimenting with playdough recipes and as well as the weird and wonderful scents, I also love to explore the different ways dough can be made, especially non cook version which involve no messy pots and pans. I am smiling because my daughter is having fun and she is smiling because she loves it! Plus, texture is an amazing thing to explore with our hands!!

So, what better playdough to make then a non cook dough which uses two ingredients and no water involved?? This dough feels so soft and is great as you can mould it as well as make it into little pieces (as my daughter found out lol!) It is almost a powder when over manipulated and although it cannot be kept for more than one session, it keeps them entertained for a good while!!

So........what is it, I hear you cry?!! It is Foam dough. All you need is shaving foam and cornflour.

I emptied one box of cornflour into a bowl and added almost a whole can of shaving foam (which you can buy very cheap in the supermarket) After a lot of moulding and mixing (I found it best stirring in with a spoon) you get this wonderfully white, soft dough. It feels amazing! You can add some food colouring if you fancy brightening it up, but I felt the whiteness of it makes it almost like playing with warm snow!! It has a texture which can be smooth and also crumbly once played with for a while.

Simple. Cheap. Easy..........I must say though, it can make quite a lot of mess, so you may wish to cover the table you use and your child's clothes. It is easy to clean up with dustpan and brush or hoover afterwards and wont stain the clothes.

Give it a go!!

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