Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 25: Sky #31daysinjuly

                  The Sky : From a three year old and seven year olds point of view

Thought I would go quite simply with this today. I have not been well recently, so I must admit that I havent been as up to date as I should have been with my posts (apologies there). So, today I hand it to my three year old and her cousin to describe to you their ideas on the sky. Sometimes, a child's view of something can be so different from our own. It can be quite inspirational to just talk to a child and ask them what they think of something. Give it a go, you may be suprised as to what you may hear!

From a 3 year olds point of view : " Sun. The sky makes a cloudy day a windy day and rainbows. Clouds make thunderstorms. The sky is blue today. I can see the areoplanes go up and up. I went up and up in the sky on the swing yesterday, didn't I?!"

From a 7 year olds point of view : " It's cloudy. It has a sunshine in it to make it very bright. The sky is sometimes blue and sometimes grey. It makes your plants grow by giving us rain and giving the roots a drink. Sunshine also gets you really hot from up in the sky"
What does your child say about the sky?

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