Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 24 : Someone I love #31daysinjuly

                                It is about time I thought about the things I love about my daughter!

Being a Mum is tiring. Exhausting in fact! I spend so much of my time dealing with the moans and mood swings of my newly turned three year old, that I hardly ever just take time to think about just what she means to me. It is easy to get carried away with the latest dramas your toddler has caused you, but it is also important to make sure you think about the positive aspects too!

I have not been too well with a bad case of toothache recently, and I have found that my daughter has been very sympathetic towards me, asking if the dentist made it better and have i taken my medicine! She is so imaginative with her play and is a joy to interact with too! I am so lucky to have her, I just need to remind myself of this every so often, especially when she is trying my patience!!

When was the last time you sat back and thought about your child's good points??

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