Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 23 : In my room #31daysinjuly

                        A child's bedroom......a haven for sleep, rest, play and privacy

What does your child's bedroom mean to them? For my daughter at the tender age of 3, her room is where she sleeps, but also where she plays from time to time. It has her special toys in it which she knows need extra looking after, it has her bed and her comfort blanket in it and it is her very own space.

The thing is with bedrooms are that they grow with your child. They change as they like new things or are bought new bits and bobs. They become increasingly used more as a place to get some privacy and eventually where they will hide away and sit pondering life as they enter puberty.......the thought about it is scary enough! A child's room refelcts their personality and the family they have around them. We have photographs of her family in the room for her to look at (and often chat to!) and have even made a little bed for her toy puppies to sleep in (as well as a cot for her doll!)

There are so many things written about bedrooms for children and what should and should not be in them. Many people allow their children to have televisions and consoles in their rooms whilst others feel that in order for a good nights sleep, these items should be kept away. A lot of these ideas do boil down to what your child and you are comfortable with.  Take a look at these posts on childrens rooms :

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