Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 22 : Signs #31daysinjuly

                      We as parents know the signs when our children are not well
It is an inbuilt reaction. Something parents just seem to know. We know when our child is not themselves, it is an instinct we cannot fail to ignore. This is when many parents end up at our Health visitor, doctors etc pleading our case that we are not sure our children are well. It is difficult, especially as you immediately start to worry for your child.

Just remember that it doesn't matter if your instincts are not right, it is always important to get any worries checked out with your child. Not only does it give you piece of mind, but it also means your child's health is prioritised and checked out.  In fact, sometimes parents can even wake themselves in the night thinking their child is unwell and upon checking them out, find this to be the case. I know this happened to my mother in law with one of her children, finding an obstruction in one of her boys mouths after dreaming that there was something there. Strange, scary and definitely fascinating.

There is also some interesting articles on how intuition can actually help you to become a more soulful parent and more confident in how you handle your role as a parent. Follow the links for a great read:!/2013/03/guest-post-trusting-your-gut-why.html

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