Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 21 : Bridge #31daysin July

                        You can have lots of fun creating bridges with your child!

Bridges. They can help you get over roads, rivers and seas. They are feats of engineering and arcitecture and can teach children an awful lot about design and building. With younger children, (and bigger ones too!) it is about problem can you make a bridge to get from A to B? What materials are best? It can lead to a whole learning experience!

With my daughter, we tend to explore materials and bridges for her dinosaurs, cars and trains to go across. We found that paper just is not strong enough in the middle for things to go across, but the wood Daddy has in the garage is perfect, especially when you use bricks to hoist it up!!

So, give it a go and explore making bridges! Simple and educational and so mcuh fun!!

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