Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 19 : Patterns #31daysinjuly

                                 We chose this topic as a chance to explore ripples

Patterns are just about everywhere and a huge part of childrens lives! There were so many possibililties for me to talk about where it comes to patterns, but where my daughter was enjoying the hot weather by splashing in her paddling pool, I saw a great chance to teach her something about patterns in the water!

Ripples are a great pattern because they need a catalyst in order to exist. You can manipulate their sizes by using different sized points to create them. The children can then experiment by using different items to create ripples to see which item makes the largest ripples, the biggest circles and the most ripples. It can really make the imagination fly!

It is great when you can turn playing in the water into a science and mathematics lesson! My daughter loved it when we used her toy watering can to make lots of ripples in the water "Its like rain, Mummy!"

Simple, fun and educational. Give it a go!

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