Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 16 Something I love #31daysinjuly

  All children go through phases of "loving" a certain character or toy, it can be hard to keep up!

It can be frustrating. You have decorated your child's room with Peppa Pig toys, curtains, bedding etc and then they declare "I don't like Peppa anymore!!" Wasted money and effort! But children do go through a range of phases of liking certain things and there are ways to control it so that you don't end up spending a fortune!

Our approach has always been to give our daughter opportunities to experience a range of ideas and characters. As a result, she is not fixated with just one character, but likes a range of them from Disney Princesses to Peppa Pig, from Batman to Superman! The television does play a huge part in what children love the most, so making sure they are not watching too much, or the same programme over and over gives them a variety of different possibilities.

Another factor which effects their tastes is through social interaction. If all her friends love Moshi monsters, it is more than likely she will like them too in order to feel part of something! What we prefer also rubs off on them too. If we turn over when Peppa pig comes on saying "I cant stand that pig!", it is likely that your child will pick up on what you feel. There are obviously programmes which I deem unsuitable for my daughter at her age, but I try to let her own mind up about her age appropriate programmes as to which she prefers. I already know she doesn't like Zingzilla's! It is painful sitting through In the Night Garden too, but if she likes it and learns a little something from it, then surely it is worth it!!

These characters help to increase their imagination skills and do have their benefits. We have steered clear of creating a character bedroom, as we know that by doing so we do not need to redecorate every so often when her likes change! We do have toy boxes with certain character toys in, for example all her Peppa Pig toys are in one box and her Princess ones in another, so that they are not constantly out, but are available should she wish to play with them. We do notice though, that when she plays with the characters she has, she uses different voices to try and sound like them and plays out their characteristics within her play. Her George Pig for example, is often crying or saying "dinosaur!" as she acts out scenes with her toys.

What are your experiences?

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