Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 15 - Landscape #31daysinjuly

            Landscapes are great to photograph, but can be even better for children to try drawing!

This challenge has been fantastic for getting children (and mostly me in our case!) taking photographs. I have to admit, I have used an old picture today as I am staying in where it is cool! But another great idea is to get children to draw a landscape.

It does not have to be from outside, you can have a photograph from your collection or from a newspaper, book or magazine and ask your child to draw what they see. Obviously, this is an activity more suited to older children, but it is still worth having a go with a little one to see what they can come up with! If anything, it helps to teach them to look for colours, think about shapes and perhaps see the lanscape a little differently.

The drawings do not have to look exactly like the real is more about their interpretation of what they see. This is their opportunity to be an artist, as this is what artists do....bring an interpreatation of what they see and feel. Another great idea for a holiday activity!!

If anyone has a go, it would be great to see your child's pictures! Email photographs of them to me at or post them on my Facebook page. They could be used as part of a future post!!

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