Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 13 and 14 In nature and Door #31daysinjuly

Nature is something you can easily reach...... just open the door!

A beautiful sunset.....A lovely garden......... things we can share with our children if we just open the door and let them explore!! Of course, we may be in the throws of Summer now, where to see a Sunset may be on the little on the late side at this time of year, (and I must say at the moment being indoors is a little cooler!) but sometimes we do lose sight of what is right in front of us, and it is beautiful!

My daughter has loved being in the garden over the last few days. We have been making sure our carrots, peas and strawberries are well watered and been intrigued by the new insects the heat has brought into the garden. One warm Sunday morning, a dragonfly zoomed in, choosing one of our plats to rest on! It was really big and sat in the sun for ages for our little one to look at.  We are very lucky to have our garden to explore as well as a few parks close by, meaning we can get out and just discuss the nature around us!

A great idea for the summer holidays is to create a Nature book with your children. Find some long wispyy grass, some wild flowers, take photographs of the bugs and scenery you can find and place them all in a scrapbook! It would make a lovely keepsake and also great as a project if school asks them "what did you do over the summer holidays!"

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