Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 10 : Lunch #31daysinjuly

                           This day is a very special one for a child who loves her food!!

Lunch. "Is it Lunchtime?" is a phrase I hear quite a lot from my little one. Today was a special lunch as it was her birthday, so we had a picnic lunch out in the sun! But, like many parents, I do often worry if her preoccupation with food is normal or not!

When I really think about it, she is not a compulsive eater. She is always asking when her next meal is and if you ask her what she did at Pre-school the first answer is always " I had snack!" She obviously does enjoy eating food, but the whole asking for food (sometimes just 10 mins after the last one!) turns out to be a boredom issue. When she asks and I know she cant possibly be hungry, I take it as a sign she needs something to keep her more amused!

But how do you know when your child is becoming a compulsive eater? Well a lot of the time this has nothing to do with hunger. It can be because of boredom, but if you find your child is eating large portions and eating for the sake of eating, there could be some underlying issues effecting them emotionally (stress or depression) Eating can be very comforting!

Also, in some households (such as ours) meal times are quite social times where we sit together. It is a time where we bond and discuss things together, so perhaps to my daughter where I am often busy doing things around the house, by asking for the next meal, she is indicating she fancies a bit of social interaction with her Mum too!!

Apparently, I was the same when I was young (and I still get a little grumpy if I am actually hungry!!)

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