Monday, 24 June 2013

Television confusion


         So now watching lots of TV is apparently good for our what do we do??

There are so many times where I have worried that sometimes my daughter watches too much television. It is always children's programmes she watches, but as most Mums will reluctantly admit, television is a great way that we can entertain our children to get things done!!

I have been using television as a calming tool before bedtime up until recently. She would have her meal and then watch some television before her bath and storytime. Our little one has been suffering from night terrors and I have been slowly eliminating possible triggers, one being the television. Since stopping the television before bath and bedtime, we have replaced it with quiet playtime and reading books and for the last few nights we have had lovely quiet nights. Well, we have always been told that television is bad for our children when watching too much.

But as usual, the media has swayed the other way again. Now research by the University of London has found that children who watch three or more hours a day are three months ahead of children who only watch an hour a day.

"The report’s lead author Dr Alice Sullivan, senior academic at the university’s Institute of Education, said the educational value of children’s television had been "underestimated", adding: “It may also help expose some children to a broader vocabulary than they get at home.”  "

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It is an interesting theory. I do find my daughter actually does learn quite a lot from the television programmes she watches. She has recently learnt the word "antique" from watching Peppa Pig the other day and where we watch the programmes mostly together, it does allow us the chance to discuss what she has seen and what is happening on the television. We try to balance the television with other activities, so if one day she has watched a lot of television, the next we do more outdoor activities or craft things.

As with many things, television does have its merits and its downsides. If parents get involved with the television watching and monitor what their children are watching, it can be a fantastic learning tool alongside a range of other educational activities.

What are your thoughts??

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