Friday, 7 June 2013

Spray bottle fun!!

            Teaching your little ones a new skill whilst having fun in the sun!

It is getting warmer in the UK now, and dare we say it, Summer seems to have arrived!! So now the fun in the sun has begun, and so has the fascination with water!! Whilst we were out in the garden the other day, I was sorting out some bits and bobs in the garage and my daughter spotted a gardening spray bottle and asked what it was.

I explained to her what we used it for and showed her how to use it. The great thing about spray bottles are that they use new muscles in the hands. These muscles are great to strengthen to help with writing skills in the future. It took a couple of turns to master how to squeeze the trigger on the bottle, but she was soon excited at the new skill she had mastered!!

I encouraged her to spray the flowers and plants in the garden, as that is what the bottle is for, but I also allowed her to explore how the sun makes the water disappear when it is sprayed on the pavement, which kept her entertained for ages!! It is also great for spraying Mummy too, as she discovered!!

Of course, in the spirit of looking after our planet, she was limited to one bottle full, as I like to teach her it is important to save water. (We hope to get a water butt at some point which she can use for spraying the flowers with, especially as I taught her that this water is NOT for drinking!!)

Spray bottles are also great tools for painting too (something I hope to explore in a future post!!)
Yet another example of how something simple and cheap can bring lots of learning opportunities to children!!

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  1. Gosh, they like nothing more than playing with water in the sun don't they? You are right that is a great way to practice motor skills. I find pegs are quite good for this too. Thanks so much for sharing with the Pin it Party. I have pinned to our main board and to my kids summer fun board too. I am on pinterest :)