Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How to get motivated in Childcare

                Child Care can be a very demanding career choice, so how do you keep motivated?

We all have those kinda days. I know I often felt a bit low when working in a childcare setting. It is a demanding job and it can take its toll on you physically and mentally. It is not easy, but you do have to try and hide these emotions when working with children, as it can influence how the children behave in reaction to your body language and mood.

What can be worse is when you are working in a team which are all feeling a bit like this, especially if you are in a senior role and feel like you are not getting any support from the rest of the team in order to pick you up. We all suffer setbacks within any career, and it can often reflect on the whole team whether it be a complaint, a particularly tough day or just a really bad weather day where the children are all hyped up and you want to pull your hair out!!!!!........

What is important to remember is that as a team, you all are responsible for making the workplace somewhere fun and exciting to work in. In the case of childcare settings, this means that you really have to try and make the best of situations. If something happens in the workplace which is a bit deflating, learn from it and do your utmost to turn things around!! It helps if everyone works on the same page and have the chance to air their views and talk to one another. I have been reading up on motivation in the childcare setting and have come up with some great points to help get people motivated!!

1. Praise one another........Thank one another! You do not to have to be in a senior role to hand out the praise and remember that management like to be praised too! You see how children react when praised and it is the same for many adults too (we just prefer not to show it so freely!!) By praising one another, you get the best out of one another too!! Go on.....praise a fellow staff member today or just thankj them for something they did!!

2. Show trust in one another ........whether you give someone a task or a responsiblity, it can really help boost self esteem, confidence and in turn motivation. It can be something simple like coming up with a fun activity for the children to take part in during the day or being in charge of sorting something out for the setting. By doing the job to the best of their ability and in return getting the praise for doing it is a great boost.

3. Learn to laugh at one another and with one another.........I am the first to admit that I used to dress up to entertain the children with a hidden agenda to get the staff laughing too. It was great to see how making them laugh meant they immediatley changed from having a bad day to feeling more relaxed. The great thing is, it doesnt have to be a case of dressing up, it can be a little joke (obviously not rude in front of the children) or just a little anacodote to make someone smile.

4. Smiling and positive attitude...........makes such a difference to staff and children. Just one little smile makes you come across as more positive and approachable!! Can really change the atmosphere in the workplace if everyone smiles!!

5. Challenge yourself........I liked to give myself little challenges to motivate myself, whether it be to get a child involved in something in particular or just to impress a collegue with something. It can even be something small like "I am going to get the room tidier quicker today" It can work wonders when you have a goal to aim for each day!!

These are just a few ideas to help. Is there anything you do in your workplace to motivate one another? Have you tried to motivate a team to no avail?? Would love to see your comments!!

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