Thursday, 27 June 2013

50 things to do before you are 11 3/4


              The National Trust have set this great list up, and I cant wait to get involved!!

Whilst at a country show a few weeks ago, I got handed a booklet from the National Trust entitled "50 things to do before you are 11 3/4" I had to take a look as I had heard of it before, but never really looked into it!

I was hoping to look inside the booklet and find many things which I had done myself, but was most disappointed in myself that I had hardly done any and yet I am much older than 11 3/4!! I have decided to make sure my daughter achieves as many of them as possible. Granted, she has a long time scale to work to, but reading the different activity ideas, some just so simple, it is something I really want to get involved in.

I am most proud that at the age of nearly three, she has completed her first activity from the booklet without even knowing it was in there! She has grown her own fruit and vegetables in the garden and eaten her first strawberry this week (Activity number 41 Plant it grow it eat it....done!!) She has also covered number in the snow, with the winter we had earlier this year! It is great to have something like this to encourage children and their families to get out there and achieve something in the natural world. Some of the ideas are just childhood summed up, like climbing a tree or rolling down a big hill (I for one HAVE completed that one in my life!!)

Being outdoors and in the fresh air is something we should all try and do a bit more of. Children learn so much from the natural world and it is important for them to experience many things, as well as these fantastic 50 things!! They can go online and create a profile for themselves through the National trust, earning certificates and extra challenges here

So take a look and have a go. How many have you done???

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