Friday, 28 June 2013



                             Why not get involved with this great project next month!
I have recently been in contact with a fantastic lady, Melitsa, who runs a fantastic website Next month, she is starting something wonderful as a challenge for children and parents to get involved in together. 31 days in July is a photo activity for children to take great pictures each day, sharing them on social media and offline with their friends and family.

I am going to get on board with this, hopefully creating a post for each of the days with our photograph attached. Each day has a different theme and perspective for the children to work to. My daughter is a little young to be taking pictures as to yet, but we are going to try and mix photographs I have taken with her attempts too! As Malitsa says on her website, all children are interested in taking pictures on our smartphones and what a great way to enhance this interest and turn it into something fun and educational too!!

The 31 day themes are :

1. Music

2. Nature

3. Something I've made

4. Self portrait

5. Summer time

6. Downtown

7. 7 things

8. In your bag

9. Favourite colour

10. Lunch

11. 5pm

12. Close-up

13. In nature

14. Door

15. Landscape

16. Something you love

17. Family

18. A street

19. Patterns

20. My bed

21. Bridge

22. Signs

23. Someone you love

24. In my room

25. Sky

26. Words

27. Hands

28. What makes you smile

29. From up high

30. Moon

31. Outside a window

So, get on board and try it out!! I would love to see your pictures too!! As well as sharing them on Instagram with the #31daysinjuly, why not Tweet them and share them on the Childcare Clair Facebook page too!! Happy snapping!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your photos Clair. Super excited you are joining in.